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PIGMASOL54ml Bottle (Not A Power Tanner / simply useful)

Applied to the skin before sunbathing. Frequently used on the areas of the face, neck and décolleté, but also for nice brown legs.
Fast, intensive and even tanning for the entire body
Prevents skin dryness

for: solarium, swimming pool, beach

Type characteristics:

tanner and moisturiser in one
intensive tanning of tanned skin as well as pale skin
tanning active ingredient: Tyrosine
quality by content (large quantities of natural and high quality ingredients)
true skin care with plant extracts
alcohol free, moisture producing action
pleasant effect, non greasy
kind to every skin type

fragrance: classic

economic application
not a self-tanning lotion, not a sunscreen

smallest delivery volume: 28 bottles

The quality is regularly checked by the health department


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