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DESCLEAN 10 litre canister

Surface disinfectant cleaner with wide spectrum of use in tried-and-tested 10 litre canister.
various fragrances and very good cleaning substance

Type characteristics:

- 10l concentrate produces 110l ready for use surface disinfectant
- individual label design at no extra cost
- smallest delivery volume: 60 canisters
- very short action time
- stocks in the colours: colourless, orange, blue, red, yellow
- smells: citrus, fresh, crema, coco, peach, raspberry
- disinfectant and cleaning agent
- can be used in foam equipment
- DGHM / V.A.H. listed
- tested for acrylic glass resistance
- simple preparation of the ready-to-use solution

Preparation of the application solution:

The canisters contents yield 110 l of a 1% ready-to-use solution. Screw a drain cock to the canister. Pour half of the entire 10l canister in an empty 50-litre mixing container. Then fill the mixing container with cold mains water. Or dilute 90ml concentrate with 910ml of cold tap-water directly in an 1l spray bottle...

Quality requirement: Tests, listing and registration according to BAUA,   Tested on acrylic glass

Action spectrum: bactericide, fungicide, virucide

Period of application: Stock solution; Suitable for continuous use

Type of preparation: aqueous solution


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